Sweater Weather in the Morning

“I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes the silence guides a mind
To move to a place so far away” -Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

My mind is a maze that cannot decipher a route.

You will get lost with my words and my thoughts.

But your silence gives a path,

That would lead you to the right way.

A proper exit.

Then, you will see me… soon.


Speck of Dust on a White Sand

Waves of people keep coming in, ready to converge with each other,

Topics on their mind ready to spill out and secrets to uncover,

I am here, am I ready to mingle?

Or am I just there to giggle?


I just sit on my cracked chair, wondering if I can start to move,

To be part of their groove.

I stand up, getting closer,

My confidence is all over me.


They look up, like I got something on my face,

And I feel that I am invading their place.

Slowly, I back out,

Taking a different route.


I am so close to be apart of the grain,

In the end, I am just a dirt to drain.

I can’t pleased them with my appearance,

I am an interference.


Pleasing everyone is difficult,

When you’re an adult.

But I wish I can erase this mistake,

I want myself to break.


But I can’t be broken,

I am being blown.

I am a dirt on the glass,

Like a silent student in my class.


After the end of the day,

I cannot stay,

I keep going,

Keep blowing.


I can return to my being quiet myself,

Never to bother them.

Grains of sand can be washed away,

But a dust keeps building up.


And it will stay itself,

Until someone accepts its gray,

And takes it far away.

Never to be seen


Note: Last two verses are just free verses. I just want to express what I feel and I can’t control the rhymes and the syllables. I’m still trying to learn, I hope I can.