Sweater Weather in the Morning

“I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes the silence guides a mind
To move to a place so far away” -Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

My mind is a maze that cannot decipher a route.

You will get lost with my words and my thoughts.

But your silence gives a path,

That would lead you to the right way.

A proper exit.

Then, you will see me… soon.


Speck of Dust on a White Sand

Waves of people keep coming in, ready to converge with each other,

Topics on their mind ready to spill out and secrets to uncover,

I am here, am I ready to mingle?

Or am I just there to giggle?


I just sit on my cracked chair, wondering if I can start to move,

To be part of their groove.

I stand up, getting closer,

My confidence is all over me.


They look up, like I got something on my face,

And I feel that I am invading their place.

Slowly, I back out,

Taking a different route.


I am so close to be apart of the grain,

In the end, I am just a dirt to drain.

I can’t pleased them with my appearance,

I am an interference.


Pleasing everyone is difficult,

When you’re an adult.

But I wish I can erase this mistake,

I want myself to break.


But I can’t be broken,

I am being blown.

I am a dirt on the glass,

Like a silent student in my class.


After the end of the day,

I cannot stay,

I keep going,

Keep blowing.


I can return to my being quiet myself,

Never to bother them.

Grains of sand can be washed away,

But a dust keeps building up.


And it will stay itself,

Until someone accepts its gray,

And takes it far away.

Never to be seen


Note: Last two verses are just free verses. I just want to express what I feel and I can’t control the rhymes and the syllables. I’m still trying to learn, I hope I can.




My Random Café Visit at Bicester Café

I was still recovering from my stomach ache that happened last night and I needed that caffeine boost after being idle for awhile. So I was scrolling in my Facebook account and saw my workmate’s blog. The blog was about her visiting this café during her break. The café was called Bicester Café. After reading her blog, I went to their Facebook Page and looked at their photos. The place was cozy and they served breakfast and drinks like coffee and cocktails. So I decided to make a random visit there.

When I arrived at the café, the I was right, the place looked cozy and it had that English smell when I entered inside.


The outside of the cafe

My goal for my visit was to get my caffeine boost, so I ordered a medium Iced Latte (I’m a sucker for getting a hot coffee). The price is not that bad, similar to Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and the serving is already enough for the price.


Iced Latte for P110


Pierce to the heavens, straw

Their pastries are really cute in display to be honest.


With the logo

Good thing I brought my book because it was raining outside and I had to wait for an hour to stop. I had a mini photo shoot inside the place as well.


Sat next to the 80’s vibes lighting


Perfect for a reading place, as well. (excuse the pinkish light)


Their menu

The place also is quiet but if there are only 1 or 2 persons there, and a few baristas.

Overall, this place is perfect for those who wants to read in peace and have their breakfast and coffee at the same time. As what I said, it has this English breakfast environment (maybe it’s the name of the café). And it’s just near my apartment and my work too. Perfect! Do visit them and have a coffee or breakfast as well.


Bicester Café is located at Mahogany Place along Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City.

They’re open from 7AM-11PM Daily

Do visit also their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bicestercafe/

And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bicestercafe/