2016 was just a year.

I had high hopes as I was about to enter this year but I was not aware of the real challenges that twisted me into thinking that this year was just a year. Nothing special happened, no extraordinary events that occurred to me. It’s just a year that passes by.

Okay, so not all events exactly. I just made them extra special for me to put in my
“This year, I have done special stuff” book. Let me list a few:

  1. I traveled a few places
  2. Bought some things I want
  3. Found a new job I want
  4. Went to a book signing event (yes, right there. I was so ecstatic that time)
  5. Turned 22 (hurrah)
  6. 1st anniversary living on my own
  7. Experienced online shopping (First-timer here, I’m playing safe)
  8. Got my poem published in a local Poetry Folio (As of now, I haven’t gotten the folio though, huzzah!)
  9. Got fatter (What did you get this Christmas? Fat. I got fat, wait I got fatter)
  10. Spent time with my Fluff-fluff
  11. Went to my hometown on my own and back

Those are just the highlights I could remember this year.

Most people here, especially netizens, really expressed this year has unwelcoming, dark, scary, death traps, and to name a few.

I wouldn’t mention the specifics but it have something to do with politics, music (I’m talking at you, Chainsmokers), actors & actresses, rallies, countries, movies, and memes (that’s right, memes).

For some, they highlight 2016 has one of the greatest year of their lives (such joy) and for some, it’s not their year for true happiness and excitement (much sadness).

For me, I’m still trying to highlight which event that describe what my year is. Motivated? Depressed? Challenging? Fear? Anger? I can’t even tell. I don’t even think it was one hell of a roller coaster ride for me or mixed with emotions. It was just a year. A number.

But let me just leave a note for this year though so that it won’t be left hanging:

I thought I’m going to make this year memorable, but I made a mistake. To me, you were just a dream forgotten, you were just an air that I can easily breathe into then releases it like it was nothing, you were just speckle of dust ready to be blown away. But you tried you’re best to make this different than the other. You tried, but to me, it was just enough. Just enough.

That was a bit dramatic.

Anyways, as I bid goodbye to 2016, here’s my short note for next year:

“Let me have more memories with you, let opportunities knock on my door, let me have fun, let me experience satisfaction, let me feel what feels like to feel again.”

So there you have it. Survive a year and never look back on the past mistakes, learn from them.

Toodle doo di doo….