My January Grabs

Before I proceed to tell all of my emotions out, I just like to say ‘Congratulations!’ you made it out of the first month of the year! We’ve been through a lot last month and here we are, “still alive and barely breathing.” (What)

Here’s a calm photo for you, to know that you are loved.loved

Anyways, I’m so excited to introduce you to my new pet! His name is Cali and he’s a Funko Pop. I’m serious, he’s a toy and he’s loving and keeps me company while I’m at work.


See? If you can’t keep a real Calico cat at work, why not buy one that’s closer to its real-life animal. My boyfriend gave to me as a gift because he likes me saying “Funko Pop” and I like cats, so there! Meow…

Here’s Cali chilling beside my drink:


After having him with me in the office, it makes my station feel euphoric and its channeling the emotion towards me making me want to work hard on my tasks. So that put aside, I should be more careful with Cali since he had been through a lot of my stress last month and I should treat him like a baby kitty he is.

And for the first time, I have changed to my new frames finally! Well, it felt uncomfortable at first since it was big on my face and there were no nose pads to support my big ugly nose, so I had to adjust it always since it kept falling off. The best part of my new eyeglasses is that the lens can change when it’s exposed to the sun. It’s called photochromic lens and perfect when I go outside. Everything changes even my astigmatism. Urgh!

Everyone, meet my new eyeglasses:


Sunnies Specs is where I changed my eyeglasses and the staff accommodated me well. Kudos to them! It took me one day for me to get the eyeglasses and I had to wear it immediately for them to show how it looks like on my face. It was my first time wearing such big frames and it was like I was seeing 1080p everytime I walked! (wowzers!)

Anyways, these are all the grabs I have for this month, one grab makes me feel productive and another one makes me feel I almost step on a pit hole.

Who knows what I will do this month. February, surprise me.