Lip Tint

I used to stare at her eyes
Because it brings me closer to the ocean.

But what attracted me most is the rosy tint lips
Ready to kiss and steal her breath away.

The ocean lets me see the horizon
But a rose lets me touch the beauty of my life.


Cat in the Cage

I see children playing marbles

Dancing and singing around in circles.

All around happiness

And muddy faces.


I see an old man inserting a coin for his water

As he fill it in his canister.

A woman walks by

And greets a ‘hi’.


My owner opens the steel bars

And pours down the caviar.

She shuts it quickly

Not bothering to clean it immediately.


My fur is soft like white cotton

But my right paw feels rotten.

While licking my fur,

I see men drinking liquor.


I see roosters crow and hens drone

But some have already flown.

I take a guess that it’s morning

From afar, I see an old woman yawning.


Inside my cage are mud and dirt

With an old shirt.

Allowing myself to warm

Like I’m ready for a storm.


Oh! I hear them screaming for joy

As they see new toys.

I want to play with them

But my body feels numb.


The children are having fun

The old men are eating their buns.

While me, I’m just doing my job

Keeping a lookout of the shop.


Purring and eating

Waiting for my owner’s greeting.

Looking above

Behind bars, longing for love.


This piece was published in last year’s CebuLitFest Poetry Folio. Sadly, I didn’t get one because they ran out of copies but it’s fine, at least I got to perform on stage with it.

Do follow them by the way if you like poetry, spoken word, writing, and local literature in the Philippines. Here’s their Facebook page: