When One Speaks, The Other One Listens

This is not the first time I talk about my work and my colleagues but this one makes me realize something.

One of my agents just got recently got termed because of attendance issues. Her recent client likes her a lot even the previous one because of the output she has done and she was able to deliver them on time. She is a good employee but her attendance is not that good.

She has sent me her resignation letter and that got me realize again.

First off, when I got promoted to a higher position (SME or Subject Matter Expert), I was expecting that my work should focus that designates for that position. But no, I was wrong. I thought it was a test for me to handle admin tasks and at the same time, leading and helping agents in the production floor but I came to realize that it was not. IT WAS NOT.  After weeks of not having a client and not doing tasks, finally I was able to focus on helping the agents’ tasks and then the management assigned me to a new client. It hit me badly.

I’m already in the verge of giving up this position but I’m not ready yet. Then, one of my colleagues, who is an SME, decided to demote herself to be as an agent again because she can’t handle being the admin tasks and doing SME duties at the same time. It stresses her out. I understand her and that’s why I approved of her decision.

And now, this agent said that the SMEs are not being close to helpful with their tasks. It questions me as why. Why we are not being helpful to them? Do we really need to spoon- feed them with everything? Do we need to write emails for their client in behalf of them because they don’t have experience writing business letters back in college? Do we really need to spoon-feed them on how to research? (Recruitment, don’t just hire incompetent people). Do you need me to roam around like a teacher breathing down on your necks if your output is correct? Most agents are tenured, do I need to help them?

Second and probably my final one, I’m not a robot. I wish I can divide myself to help the agents but I can’t. I have my own client to handle. He gives a lot of tasks recently and I just can’t leave them behind.

I’ll end this one with an apology. I’m sorry for not being a competent and helpful SME as you guys expect me to be. High expectations hurt. I am not a perfect person. I wish for your future endeavors, agent. See you around.




Why do I always carry everyone’s burden?
Everyone’s weight is adding to mine.
Then, I come to realize that this weight, my burden, is heavier than everyone’s.

Noted: Pasán is a tagalog word for burden